Wild Men

14 May 13

Posting this today because by the time I got home last night it was late and I was wore out.

But it was a good day, altogether. God was in the midst of it that is for sure!

First off, I had breakfast with Pastor, and we prayed, we laughed, we talked over some serious issues and I left feeling very uplifted. With everyone that has been telling us that we are crazy for our current course of action, his reply was a confirmation that we are not crazy, but that walking in obedience to the Lord may look crazy to the world-at-large sometimes. It was also an affirmation that there are a lot of people out there that truly care about my family.

After that it was off to work one job, then lunch and on to the second job, where I had another meeting with a man that I look up and have been proud to call friend. Again, I was blessed with the certainty that we are cared for and that through the grace of God we are making a difference.

Then it was back home where I fixed a quick meal for the family, then off to meet with my shield brothers in our Tuesday night Bible study. I love those guys. Every single one of us has been wounded and either healed by the Lord our God, or are somewhere on the path to that healing. Some are well along the journey while there are some that are taking the first steps. This is not some wimpy group where only the surface is scratched. This is a group of God’s Warriors, wild men who are courageous enough to bare their souls to other men, and to receive that openness and reassure each other that, “Hey man, you did great!”, or to hold each other accountable to get it right next time by maybe trying this or that. Yeah, sometimes we cry. But with this group of diverse backgrounds (Army Spec Ops, Marines, Bikers, Combat Vets and every combination imaginable) if you make fun of one for crying, he’s liable to make you cry. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are not looking for trouble. But if it comes, it will find a David charging it, sling whirling with rock in the pocket.

After this was over, we adjourned to the parking lot since the coffee shop we at meet was closing. There we continued to fellowship, and around 9:45, a couple of us went and helped another brother unload some furniture from his truck to his apartment.

Pastor Rick Warren recently posted this to facebook:

 God always allows a major test before a major blessing. The greater he intends to bless, the bigger the test will be.

Lord, I cannot wait to see what you have in store!

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