Whoa, Man!

3 May 13

Today had the potential to be a rough one. It got off to a bad start simply by my not getting near enough sleep last night. Got a lot done today, as my being tired doesn’t usually interfere with getting stuff done, but I still have not managed to fulfill my physical resolutions. Of course, I stay pretty physically active most every day, but trying to find the time for a real workout or run is just pushing it more than should be the case.

My attitude stayed pretty good today, despite the damper that being fatigued put on it. I feel good about the things I accomplished, and I stayed very prayerful all day long.

The best part of the day was being able to lend my shoulder to my beautiful wife, and listen to her very stressful day, and offer her hugs to address the issues. That’s what she wanted, and what she needed. She didn’t want me to fix the problems, just listen and hold her. That’s something I can do, and I’m pretty good at it these days if I do say so myself.

Also, I had the chance to see the rubber hit the road. Our Tuesday night Men’s Bible study group always talks about how if any Man there calls needing help, every Man there who can respond, WILL respond. Today that call went out, and more than enough Men responded quickly, and even those that did not make it were planning on being there as soon as other responsibilities were met. Thanks guys for not making liars out of us! I’m proud to be a member of such a tightly knit group of shield brothers. We have each other’s backs!*

These are examples of how the Lord our God is working in the lives of those who seek Him, and desire to have an intimate relationship with Him. He loves us and it feels so good to get it right. Truly, putting others ahead of myself for no other reason than that I love them has resulted in what very easily could have been (and started out to be) a bad day being one that I can go to bed feeling very satisfied about.

*Yup, I capitalized the words Man and Men throughout the paragraph. Despite a recent decision to eliminate the term ‘man’ from everyday words such as ‘journeyman’ and ‘human’, we are still here. We are still all made in His image, Man and WoMan alike. Stupid laws and legislation will not deter that.

God Bless!

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