Tragedy Struck

Cristy and Scott Thomas had a HUGE part in saving my marriage. Late January of 2014 I left my husband, and decided that God didn’t know what He was doing in leading us together. After I decided that life with my husband wasn’t as bad as life with my ex, I came back and “worked” on my marriage. We were referred to the Thomas’ as mentors, and I thought I was making an attempt. They seemed to know adversity in life, and they had great advice… the problem was that I thought they had a shiny outlook on life that wasn’t realistic. They said they had put all the practices to work that they were telling us to do, and I really didn’t believe them, ’cause honestly, who LIKES to talk to their spouse more than their best friend, right? So I halfheartedly followed their example, and then blamed their advice as the reason we weren’t a shiny new couple after a couple months.

In Feb we became pregnant with our 4th child, and I figured that was going to be the thing that solidified us as a couple, or I could use it as a reason to leave him for good. I grew further and further away from my husband during the following 6 months. I would text Cristy at all hours, complaining about him and our life, saying nothing was working, I was done with it all. She would not only answer me every time, but it was always with scripture and prayer for us and our situation. She told me that she prayed for us all the time, she would randomly let me know she was thinking about us, and Scott was in steady contact with my husband as well. They contacted us to set up counseling times, checked on us to see how we were doing with everything, and even answered my desperate texts in the middle of their vacation.

In September of that year tragedy struck and our daughter was stillborn at 7 months. I can look back and know that we were covered in prayer not only by our good friends but by this couple that had done spiritual battle for us for the last year, even though we “barely knew them.” They came to the funeral, grieved with us, and came to our house to bear with us when we couldn’t find a way to meet them elsewhere.

The love and support of this couple in our lives has literally been a marriage saver and life enhancer. God has put such an amazing heart in them to not only help people on a relational level, but on a spiritual level as well. Every session was opened in prayer, led by the Lord, and closed in prayer. I NEVER felt judged or condescended to, even though I acted like a child at times. There isn’t anyone that I would prefer talking to about my problems or asking advice from than these two. They are infused with the Spirit and share it with everyone they counsel.

Married 1 Year

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