They Walk Among Us

Worldly. There is a man I pray for whenever I think of him, which is too often for comfort, really; my comfort, at least. I only met him once, and never learned his name, or anything about him, except for one thing. He was a Christian and for at least the one time I met him, he walked the walk. And he repelled me.

Worldly. This chance meeting occurred sometime in either 1999 or 2000. It was a hot afternoon in Cumming, Georgia and I was on my home. As usual, I was in a rush, and got behind a car that seemed to have all the time in the world. The longer I was stuck behind him, the angrier I got. That was not a surprise, since back then I was angry pretty much all the time. Now, by providence, this car was making every turn that I needed to make to get home, and of course that did not improve my temper at all. Finally, I could see the entrance to our neighborhood, and our house (first one on the left).

Worldly. Naturally, the car I had been tailgating for the last 10 miles pulled into my neighborhood. And of course he turned into the first driveway on the left. My driveway. By this time I am sure I was beet red, and I know I was ready to chew nails and spit rivets. I parked right behind my visitor, and got out, spewing profanity and ready to dance.

Kingdomly. The door opened and a man that looked to be in his late 40s got out, professionally dressed and calm. The first thing that he said to the raving lunatic bearing down on him was, “Jesus loves you.” That stopped me in my tracks. I was confused; that was not how this had played out in my head.

Kingdomly. I do not remember the conversation that followed, probably because I was in a little bit of shock. But I remember that every time I tried to grab hold of my anger to use against him, this man would gently and calmly speak scripture to me. I did not know what to do, I had never encountered anything like this situation, nor had I heard of anyone that had.

Kingdomly. Finally, after promising to pray for me and my family, this gentleman got back into his car, backed out of my driveway and drove out of my life. But he has remained in my thoughts ever since. His calm kindness in the face of my rage poured hot coals over my head and had stuck with me since that day. Before I became a Christian, I would think about him ashamely and ponder what it was that he had. Whatever it was, I was afraid of it. It was not natural to the world in which I lived, and that made it very scary.

Since becoming a Christian, I have grown over the years to understand that this man knew what Christ was talking about when he told the disciples that the world hated him first, and “they hated me without reason”. He knew that I was lost, and he was trying to reassure me that there was a place for me if I would only accept it. I pray that somehow, God has spoken to the gentleman and reassured him that a prodigal has returned home.


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