The Valley of the Shadow of Mean Lady-Doctors

16 May 13

We didn’t end up going to Owensboro today, so the 33.3 chairs with my name on them will have to wait. Instead, there was a Doctor’s office in Trigg County Kentucky that received said Doctors furniture. As we started to install the huge, U-shaped desk, she walked in and started to criticize the layout of the desk, the desk itself and then the way we were handling the install. And the language was not what I would call suitable for a professional of any trade.

After vilifying us, she had her assistant call the purchasing agent for the clinic to get the paperwork on how the furniture was supposed to be laid out. During all of this, the clinic Administrator showed up shaking her head and apologizing for the Doc’s behavior. I wasn’t offended, but I will admit that I was surprised at the amount of vitriol that seemed to have been pent up for a long time. Except I got the impression from the clinic staff that her attitude was nothing new.

At one point, I was arranging the lateral file and bookcases, getting them leveled and doing the final prep work before we were to leave. In my most polite tones, I suggested an arrangement of these pieces that might provide more balance to her office, and she quite literally snapped at me that she wanted it done the way it showed on the plans, and that the salesman and her had spent a lot of time working out where it all would go and who did I think I was anyway?? I simply nodded and told her that was not a problem and I would get it done. In my head there was a much different conversation taking place, but I did not let that one out.

I had just finished arranging everything according to her plans, when she came back into the office. In a much different tone, she told me that she thought she liked my idea better than what the plans had and asked if I would mind moving everything around that way so that she could see it firsthand. Outwardly I smiled and assured her that this would not be a problem, even though inwardly I just knew that I was going to end up moving everything back into the original configuration.

Once it was all moved around, she walked around the office, looking at the set up from different angles and stated that she liked it. Then she thanked me and walked out.

I am not sure what has happened to this Doctor in the past that she lashes out like she does, but I prayed for her as we were leaving Trigg County. In that prayer I gave thanks that I am not who I was a few years ago, because odds are that I would not have tried to help her any more than what my job required. My boss was pretty irritated with her as was my co-worker, and it would have been a simple matter to get out of there as soon as was possible.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Thank you God for being in the midst of everything in our lives. You are there beside us as we scale the loftiest heights, and you are with us in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Even when we don’t see you, still you provide comfort as long as we remember to seek you out in those dark times.

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