The Light of Truth

My husband and I met Scott and Cristy through Pastor Steve at Grace Church of the Nazarene. He thought they would be the best fit to be our mentor couple since our stories were similar. There had been some issues of infidelity, and we were struggling to work through them on our own. We started meeting with them in May 2012, which happened to be right after I had found out that my husband had an account on a dating site. Immediately after I found that out, I had someone to contact. I remember breaking down on the phone with her and being able to share everything that I was feeling. She listened, helped open my eyes to see different perspectives on things, gave advice and would always pray for me before we got off the phone. She and Scott continued to mentor us through one of the most difficult times in our marriage.

In February of 2013, they met with us at the church, where my husband finally admitted that he had cheated on me. After his confession we were able to begin the process of rebuilding our marriage with their help. Cristy would always advise me to pray for the truth to come out and assured me that I would know in my heart once it was all out. I remember that I did not feel this way in February. Then in March I received text messages from the other woman showing conversations between her and my husband. Again, I was devastated, but I still had someone to talk to and share my feelings with. I always felt that Cristy understood me and cared for me. We discussed separation and how it would be best for me to have time to think and talk with God about his path for me.

At the same time Cristy was reaching out to me, Scott would reach out to my husband. He would check on him and they would have conversations about how the whole truth needed to come out in order for our marriage to heal. And finally, the whole truth ended up coming out in a letter written to me on Good Friday. After reading the letter I felt God telling me that this was everything and it was all out in the open. We continued to meet with Cristy and Scott through December 2013 on the process of reconciliation and the rebuilding our marriage. Also, when my husband decided to get baptized in August of 2013, Scott was there to help baptize him.

We still meet with Cristy and Scott occasionally, but we don’t have to meet for the same reasons. We now meet up because we have a true friendship. These people have had such an impact on our lives. They have helped us both grow in our relationships with God, and reminded to keep our marriage on a firm foundation. We have attended their Sunday school class since the summer of 2012 and have been to their “I Still Do” seminar. I believe that God placed them in our lives for a reason. If we hadn’t have had their support through this difficult time, I do not think we would’ve stayed married. This May we will have been married 5 years thanks to the grace of God and his redeeming work in our lives. I will forever be thankful for their impact in my life as mentors, and now as friends.

Married 5 Years

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