The Impossible

5 May 13

I woke up to a multi-county power outage this morning. Washed my face front to back (benefits of a shaved head!) got ready and it was off to Church. I love Sundays. It’s so good to get into His house to give him praise and worship, connect with my Grace family and facilitate a Sunday school class full of people who are seriously looking to give their marriages over to the only one that can bring them closer to their spouse while drawing them nearer to Him at the same time. I love you guys and hope you enjoy the class too!

Nothing on the physical resolution today because I just will not work out on a Sunday, even though there was plenty of time today. After I got home, we spent time together as a family. It was a seriously good, relaxing time and it draws us closer as a family.

One thing we did together was watch the movie “The Impossible”. If you have not seen this yet, do so. ***SPOILER ALERT!!*** It is a great flick about the true story of a family that survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. It was very realistic in it’s depictions of the violence that nature can wreak on an environment and the people caught up in its force. I cannot imagine going through what that family went through, and the way that God worked in their lives and experiences to bring them all back together. I shed a few tears in the course of the story. The title refers to the odds of all five family members not only surviving, but the way that they all were able to find each other despite the confusion and chaos of their surroundings. It goes to show that nothing is impossible for the Lord our God. ***END OF SPOILER!!***

 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:25-27

Do you have a testimony? Of course you do. Everyone has a testimony, whether you can see it or not. You might be in the beginning stages of the story, where you are immersed in sin. It could be that you are in the struggle right now. This would be the fight scenes where you are glimpsing the light of the Lord that can redeem your mistakes, but this is where the enemy will be fighting to keep you from turning to the only power that can break you free from his grasp.

Or maybe you are in the process of hitting rock bottom. That point in the story where you have fought with everything you have, striking out at the enemy with your best moves, relying on your own strength to carry you through to a win that always seems to be just beyond your grasp, slipping through your fingers every time you think you have it. This is the darkest part of the story. It is the absolute lack of any hope of winning. This is the point where many of us either give up and cut the story short, or we wallow in the murky depths of the pit we have dug. This is the most crucial point of the story where really all we have to do is look up. Look up and see that distant pinpoint of light that is so dim we are not even sure it is there. It’s there, I promise.

I can describe the utter helplessness of this pit, because I had dug one for myself that was so deep, the light above was just a vague suggestion of a glow. The lights that danced on the insides of my closed eyelids were brighter. But I know from this experience that at this point of the story, when you have no hope left, when everyone has turned away from the obviously over fight and moved on to the next event, this is the point where you look up at that light, lying there on your back in the nasty rot of the bottom. You look at that light, and that light flashes down into you. It fills you with the most wonderful feelings, picking you up, dusting you off and carries you right out of that pit and onto the path to redemption. That light is the loving Grace and Mercy of the God who is Love.

Once you get past this part of the story, do not get lulled into a false sense of security. A fight was won. But there will be many more struggles to come. Now you know what to do, but each conflict will be a little different that the one before it. The enemy is very persistent and he will never give up on sucking you right back down into that pit. But even though the battles still have to be fought, the outcome of this war was actually decided over two thousand years ago on the cross.

Stay true. NEVER give up. Trust in the Lord our God, the commander of the angel armies and He WILL bring you through to your reward in eternity brothers and sisters.

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