The Cost of Obedience

Being obedient seems like such a simple thing to do.  If told go, then go.  If told to stay, then stay.  Simple concept, yet hard to to live.  Too often, I want God to play “Simon Say’s” with me … “Simon Say’s to pray for this person”.  How much easier would it be to be obedient with a command like that.  Instead, we receive a single instruction on what the next step is for us.  For me, the next step in obedience is “Write”.  I’m not sure why, it just is.  That’s the thing with God, He’s not really big on explanation outside of the Word.  All of the explanation we need has already been written.  Obedience is not the learning of faith, it’s the practice of it.  It is where we are prepared to really become God’s, and loose our own selfish ambitions and need for security.  That is the price … losing security in self and instead choosing the unknown direction that God has given.  So, essentially it’s “practice what you preach”.  Trust God … really?

Even now, as I write this, I am struggling with the trust that will lead to obedience.  I know that God is faithful.  I know that He is sovereign.   I know that the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross was for everyone, including me.  I know this and a lot more about God.  I have studied Him.  I have preached Him.  I believe in Him.  I have on many occasions in my life been right in the middle of His miracles, and my life is a testimony to all of the promises He has given and kept.  Yet, on occasions like now, I freeze in doubt.  The doubt is not is God, it is in myself.  It is so consuming that it cripples my ability to move out of my false sense of security into the real security that is found only in obedience.  I know I am not the only person under the sun to have this challenge.  I know that the cost of obedience has been paid by many before me; those examples that give me hope in my own uncertainty.  Abraham did not know that when he went to sacrifice Issac that an angel of the Lord would be in waiting by that alter.  He moved forward in obedience, out of the comfort of security.  Paul, after loosing his sight on the road, moved forward in obedience without knowing that his sight would be restored, yet he moved in obedience to a God he did not even understand.  The price paid is losing the security of making our own destiny, and embracing the destiny that our creator has chosen for us.  It’s losing what our own interests are, and allowing the spirit to replace them with interests from above.

Why wouldn’t I want God’s will in my life?  I; like so many others; pray for that all the time.  But do I respond to it when it is presented to me?  Do I embrace the opportunity to step into the security of obedience?  Do I take a step forward in spite of the fear?  I have been reflecting for some time now on approaching everything in life from a place of victory.  After all, the price has already been paid, and the battle is already won.  Jesus has already won, and the guidance we receive to step into obedience is the way for us to participate in the victory.  Every time we move forward in obedience, we are moving into a position where we are allowing God to impact His kingdom through us … and within us.

The only step in obedience is taking the step.

A song of ascents. Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in obedience to him.

– Psalm 128:1

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