Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder, He Is Still There

11 May 13

Last night was a great reminder to me of how strongly God’s love can permeate relationships. People from all different backgrounds gathered to celebrate a serious accomplishment by a woman that we all consider to be one of our own, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Let me backtrack a little first though. Yesterday was a long one. I got up at 0430 (after going to bed at midnight, my fault entirely) to head out to work. Worked eight hours, one of which consisted of watching my boss fish for bait at Kentucky Dam. (Yeah, a co-worker and myself got paid to watch our boss fish for an hour, it’s that kind of company.) After we got back into Clarksville, I found out a friend needed help getting product shipped out of his shop, so I headed that way and worked for another three hours or so. I was pretty tired at the end of all this, and it would have been very easy to beg off of going to last nights gathering to get some much needed rack time. But this is someone that has been in our lives and our church for some time now and we love her entire family. And I really wanted to be there. So I took a shower and off we went.

On the way there, our oldest daughter was driving the lead vehicle with Cristy as co-pilot (she just got her learner’s permit) and I was riding drag to keep anyone from riding her tailgate or making her nervous. She did great most of the way there, but in downtown Clarksville, a van got between us and she get very anxious, and I could see it from one car back. Then a cop inserted himself right behind her and it got a little worse. She went from a little hesitant but confident because daddy had her back to alone and nigh-overwhelmed in the space of a few seconds. She handled it with her mother calmly talking her through it, and guiding her on what to do, but I could see the difference until I was able to work my way back up behind her.

It occurred to me that that is exactly how we are with God sometimes. We start off on a path after prayerfully taking on a new journey, knowing in our hearts that He is with us, that it is His direction for us. Hesitant, wanting to make Him proud and do His will for us. Then the enemy slips in something unexpected. It might be a hurdle that has to be jumped, or it might be something bright and shiny to distract us. Either way, we don’t see God right behind us in our mirror and we make the assumption that we are suddenly abandoned and panic. Did we make a wrong turn? Did we lose God? He’s still there, but we don’t see Him and we lose sight of where we are supposed to be going because we are searching the rear view mirror to see where He went.

In this case, other than irritating some other drivers, nothing bad happened. But getting distracted from what is in front of us can lead to “consequences and repercussions” if we continue this behavior. The lesson I am drawing from this is that once He points us toward something, we need to focus on completing His will for us. Our job is to continue the mission to completion, having Faith that He is still on over-watch for us. He won’t arbitrarily abandon us no matter how many other vehicles the enemy tries to insert between us and Him. Trust that he is bigger than that and has nothing but our best interests at heart.

Also, we need to surround ourselves with mentors and fellow travelers on His path who can calmly talk us through some of the pitfalls. We still have to fulfill driving His route, but these people being there can make the difference between safe arrival and otherwise drastic outcomes.

 Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and He will make your paths straight.

We arrived safely at our destination to the great relief of every one of us. Meghan really did a great job for her third day of driving. And once the ground of our goal had been kissed and prayers of thankfulness for traveling mercies were offered up, we joined in the celebration already in full swing.

Many of those in attendance were from our church, but we all have some pretty diverse backgrounds. But through the good food, great stories of the kind that make you laugh so hard that the tears run down your legs, and the overall fellowship of the night, everyone had a great time. One of my good friends who was there even commented that the night had been so good for him that he was close to tears. Thank you Lord for bringing us all together securely, and returning us home in even better condition than when we left.

My prayer today, Lord, is that you will help us all to keep our eyes firmly focused on You. May we be able to ignore the snares and pitfalls that the enemy places to distract us from that destination that leads to glorious eternity. You are our goal, Abba.

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