Sheep with Fangs and Claws?

When we stray from the truth, finding the way back to that path can be a long and hard journey. It takes work and perseverance. And it can also mean sacrificing pride and time and money; basically everything that this world values.

For the members of the Sanhedrin, hearing the truth was infuriating. They had been waiting for the Messiah for generations, and they had it fixed in their heads what his coming was to look like. They knew what it was going to look like, because in their minds that is how they wanted it to look. They failed to grasp the history of their own people and how God worked in the lives of the Israelites over thousands of years, never choosing the most likely saviors, sending them into exile for their own good, and on and on, story after story. For a group of learned men who were supposed to memorize and be able to quote Scripture from memory, they were pretty prideful; a bunch of spoiled brats in fancy embroidered robes and funny hats, really. Who were they to impose their views of how things should be done, or who was worthy of God’s love on to the Lord-Almighty-His-own-self anyway?

They were… they were… well, they were just like us. All of us, churched and unchurched alike, do the same things. We have it fixed in our consciousness what each day should look like, however strange some of our views may be. We have it fixed in our minds how other people should act, because we are obviously righteous in our actions; it is those other people that need to get with the script in our heads right where God placed it. We look and we know in an instant of judgment who is worthy to hear our lofty pronouncements and share from our cup (not that anyone is really worthy, but we’ll be nice sometimes, right?).

All snarkiness aside (I know, google it, lol), a life in the service of God is not going to be easy. Cristy and I committed to it years ago and we struggle daily to try to get it right. The demands of the world compete with the demands of God. Time is the worst thing to try to manage as there is never quite enough of it, but we do the best we can, and we have to continue to grow. We cannot let our minds get fixed on a worldly idea or vision even of what we think His will is. And when we do stray from the path of what is truly His will, even though our natural reaction may be to react in anger and stone the messenger, maybe we should consider what he has to say and inspect our own attitudes and motivations. If we are sheep of God, let’s not tear the shepherd to shreds as if we were wolves, just because he comes to collect us.

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