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The devastating impact of seperation and divorce seeps into every aspect of modern society.  Our community is being impacted on every level, including spiritual and moral abandonment, financial ruin and an overall despair.  As with any form of brokenness, Jesus proves to be the way, the truth and the light that offers the only true restoration.  The basis of Reclaiming Dreams is first and foremost to lead couples into a deep relationship with our Lord, knowing that only He can heal the shattered lives of a broken Covenant.

In the past 5 years during our time ministering to struggling and broken marriages, we have found the greatest success in long-term discipling … literally “bearing with one another”.  Ongoing support is crucial to the healing process so that couples are able to work through not only the immediately apparent conflicts, but to expose underlying causes that contribute to instability.  The opportunity to be readily available during different seasons of the restoration process helps to ensure that they are equipped to meet ongoing challenges that they will face with life circumstances.  Although no one can accomplish a 100% success rate, we have found that this approach is highly effective.

The generational impact of struggling and broken marriages is overlooked in many situations.  Children, regardless of age, experience the negative family dynamics from their own perspective.  Too often, the parents are too consumed with their own emotions to properly address the needs of their children.  We not only propose meeting with the couples in crisis themselves, but to establish programs that are specifically geared toward children in broken homes.

Because we are a marriage support ministry we have a Christ-centered focused.  We do not charge for marriage support services.  We are not marriage therapists or marriage counselors.  Instead, we offer the hope of Jesus Christ with real world experience in how to apply biblical principals to life in today’s environment in Clarksville, TN.

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