Say you, say me…

6 May 13

I’m coming to the end of another beautiful, Lord made day a bit earlier than usual. I’m tired and not feeling so great, so I will be headed off to bed very shortly. Between working and not feeling to great, the physical resolution has bitten the dust yet again. *sigh*

Even though I am a little nauseous right now, I feel really good about how quickly this process is working. In case you are wondering, the ‘process’ I am referring to is this daily journaling on this blog. Cristy and I started doing this to bring us closer to God, as well as each other. Looking back at our writings posted over the past few nights, you might think we had collaborated in our writings, or at least shared ideas with each other. I can honestly say that this is not the case. Despite the similarities in our daily postings, neither of us was ever aware of any of the content of the other’s posts. We sit down each night with no agenda, no plans and absolutely no sharing. Back to back we sit and type about whatever topic the Spirit leads us to. Now ain’t that cool?

This ‘process’ is having some pretty good effects on us. For myself, I feel more at peace. I am pretty aggressive by nature, though I am not sure if it is truly my nature, or the results of a life filled with childhood sexual abuse, martial arts and mindset training, and military experiences. That is a post for another time.

I am quite sure however, that this journaling is having a wonderful side benefit of bringing me closer to the Lord on a daily basis. While I have been an advocate of this for many years, I typically do it in an on-again off-again fashion. Why? Because self-reflection is messy, and it’s really not very easy. It is uncomfortable to say the least. It makes me face my thoughts and actions and it serves as a record of what I was thinking and doing that people can point at and say, “Right there! You said it right there!” or something like that, anyway. It is even harder to put it out there for the world to read. Yesterday someone from Russia and another from Kenya were on the site, though I’m not sure if they were reading these or trying to find a way to hack our system to make sure we received our millions of dollars of Uruguayan lottery winnings.

While we can see where people are accessing this from, we have no idea who you are or why in heaven’s name our writings would be drawing attention. It is a bit scary, but if you can take it, I guess we can too. 😉

It is getting late, and I need some sleep, so good night, and may you have a Blessed evening.

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