So it’s a little late for New Year’s resolutions, but what can I say other than better late than never.

After talking it over with my lovely bride, I publicly make the following resolutions, and allow, empower, authorize and sanction any of you to help hold me accountable to the following:

I, Mr. Thomas, resolve to deepen my spiritual walk with the Lord Our God by committing to get into His word on a DAILY basis, with absolutely NO excuses for not doing so. This will include reading a chapter of scripture, reading a daily devotional (such as My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers) and praying to Him on my own, with others as soon as a need or desire for prayer becomes evident, and with my Wife and children.

Furthermore, in addition to addressing my spiritual health, I resolve to devote no less than six days per week for exercise of my physical body (three running, and three on strength training). I will run, either on the streets of my neighborhood (though I may be risking my life by vehicular manslaughter by doing so) or on my treadmill during times of inclement weather. I will also finally make use of the home gym that takes up half my basement in an effort to maximize my strength, and not lose any more mobility in my shoulders. I will also commit to stretching out so that I can regain flexibility.

In addition, I propose to post daily here for all to see on how these resolutions are shaping me. The “proof will be in the pudding” (I dislike that expression so much. The only thing I want is my pudding is chocolate, or strawberries if the pudding is banana!) as my relationship with God will grow exponential to the effort I will make to walk closer and in step with Him.

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