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11 May 13

Someone was in a foul mood at dinner. It seemed to be a lack of sleep issue, but then again there is also the chance of teen, hormone-inspired angst. Or both. Probably both. Everyone else was fine though, and dinner was good.

 John 15:12

 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

Why is this scripture such a challenge? After everything that God has done for each of us in our lives, not to mention giving us our lives to begin with, why is it so hard to extend that same love to others? He loved us so much that he suffered terribly. He placed no conditions on doing what he did, he just did it. Unconditionally.

Sometimes the ones that we love the most are the ones that we hurt the worst. Usually without having any intentions of doing so, though there are times when we feel justified in lashing out at them, regardless of the fact that it is never actually warranted.

On special days we go the extra mile to show that we love and appreciate others. Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, etc. But what about the other days? Those days that are not set aside to show how much we love them? Shouldn’t we be showing everyone around us that we love them by walking along side of them, giving them the benefit of the doubt, talking and listening with them? How about simply giving them our attention? Is it so hard to turn away from the computer, or pause the television, or put down that phone and just pay attention to those around us?

Not one single time that I have prayed to God has He ever said, “Just a second, I need to finish this text to Moses.” There is always something going on, and there always will be. The longer we go on, the more “in touch” we will become and while I am just as guilty as anyone else of these behaviors, I’m starting to see and regret them more every day. I don’t want my kids to think that there is anything more important to me than they are besides God and their beautiful mom. Everything has a place in the hierarchy of His creation. Him, our spouse if we are married, then our kids, then the rest of His creation. That cell phone, or that game, or that Facebook post shouldn’t even be on the list, but they are.

Sorry for the short, slightly incoherent post, but I am off for bed. G’night and God Bless!

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