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I have been pulling an all-nighter getting ready for opening our booth at Ms. Lucille’s in a couple days, so you will have to pardon me if I start to ramble. It’s 0600 and I am not yet done, but another hour or two and I am calling a nap break.

There are a lot of different attitudes about what happened with Ananias and Sapphira.  It is fairly easy for some to take it out of context; I know I was guilty of that when I first heard the story. Responses range from, “See! The church just wants all your money, this story is to frighten you into giving it all to them!” or “Who is Peter to call them out and kill them for lying? He lied three times when he denied knowing Jesus!”, or my personal favorite, “Why is the New Testament God killing people like in the Old Testament?”

Context. The Holy Spirit was present as it had never been before. Peter was filled with it, and knew what Ananias and Sapphira had in their hearts before he even asked his questions of them. The money that they got for the land they sold was theirs to do with as they wished. But their scheming to make themselves look holier than others by acting as if they were donating 100% of the money to the church while holding back even one talent was what got them in trouble.

They were believers, but after choosing to follow Christ, they reneged on that promise and chose to follow Satan instead. Unfortunately for them, the wages of that is death, at least in a spiritual sense, and in this case also in the physical sense. God in the New Testament is the same God as in the Old Testament, but He did not strike them down but rather withdrew His hand from them, leaving them to the enemy, who promptly gathered them for their just desserts. Until we commit to God, we are covered by prevenient grace, but once we commit to Him, we are supposed to be held to a higher standard, since we are supposed to know better. They did not just slip up, or miss the mark. They chose to turn their backs on Jesus Christ and follow Satan. Regardless of our excuses, God sees our hearts and knows the truth that we can hide even from ourselves sometimes. Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

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