I have had a bad attitude lately. Worst of all, it has been towards an idea that my wife came up with and that I gave some support to; but not as much as I should have. Honestly, I don’t know if the attitude is a result of the idea not being mine, or because I feel like my own creativity has been relegated to the backburner. It may be that her enthusiasm is daunting. She has been running with this idea to the point that I have been a little freaked out by it. And her energy for this idea, watching her go and go and go with it has made me tired for some reason.

Regardless of why, my attitude has not been one of joy, or any other of the fruits. And my lack of support has taken a toll on her now, shaking her to the point that she is no longer sure that she wants to go forward. Of course, as soon as I heard her telling me she was giving up, I realized that I had stolen her joy. I am hard headed and mulishly stubborn, so of course I now want to run with her idea and make it work.

The disciples took some hits; betrayed by one of their own, then their leader, the Messiah, is taken from them in the most brutal way possible. Then He is back, but only for a while and then He leaves them again with a command. They step out with resolve in the face of some truly overwhelming opposition, and they go forth to make disciples of all nations, as the Christ commanded them to do. And when they obey His commands, they suddenly find themselves recipients of the Holy Spirit, as promised by the prophet Joel.

I realized tonight that even though I was not sure about this idea, I still should have given my full support. I should have been inspired by her vision and trusted in her wisdom. I let her down, and at this point there is nothing I can do to change the things I am already guilty of. But I can get up tomorrow and dive in to the project will full enthusiasm and faith that this is a God-inspired idea that will bear beautiful fruit. I am stubborn, but when I finally do come around, I am just as stubborn about not quitting.

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