Mirror, Mirror

There are so many things that I hope to teach my children … the love of Christ, compassion, tenderness, generosity, committment.  While planning out the road-map of parenting, I neglected to calculate in the things that I would inevitably teach them that I never intended to.  Disappointment, hurt, helplessness, betrayal.  I find myself at a point on the map that is uncharted.  There aren’t road signs pointing in the right direction.  Continuous prayers are returning to me quietly, prompting an enduring patience that  eludes me.

Teen angst is a phrase that strikes terror in even the most battle hardened warrior.  Sighs of irritation and rolling eyes are equivalent to the Cobra’s hiss right before striking.  As the parent, there is a struggle of embracing the adolescent before us and releasing the innocence of the child we long to hold again.  We have little defense against the world that is competing rather successfully for their allegiance.  These challenges are real, they are mounting, and they are persistent.   Although I would love to say that the world is what has caused the concern for my eldest daughter, the mirror reveals the culprit of the deepest damage.

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