Lost in Space

carbone_cirrusWe all get fixated on something that is long gone from time to time. We stand there staring off into space when there is work to be done, making cloud pictures or counting the passing of red cars with feckless abandon. We get so lost in our thoughts that we never even notice when someone we are accountable to is standing right beside us. When we finally do notice, there isn’t a “Fear Not!” in the world that could keep us from almost leaping out of our skins with shock.

 Don’t get me wrong, there is a time to rest, to lie back and recharge your batteries. Busyness is one of the greatest enemies we face because it causes us to get caught up in our obligations to people rather than the Lord. But there is a time that our faith leads us to roll up our sleeves and set the example. The disciples got caught staring off into the wide blue yonder well after Jesus was lost to their sight. They got their gentle reminder that Jesus was gone, but that He was coming back from a pair of angels and knew that it was time to get back to work, and what did they do? They got on the ball and did what needed to be done.

What kind of example are we setting? Be honest with yourself; how do you conduct yourself at the office, the factory or on the job site? Are you laughing, cussing and spitting with the best of them? Or do you get the job done, speak softly but confidently, and lift others up while you are about the business of the day?

One thing I do on my way to work every day is I pray for God to help me monitor what I say, how I act and to give my best. I ask the Lord to give me what I need to make it through the day without anyone ever doubting that I am a follower of Jesus. Am I always successful? No, I’m not. But I ask forgiveness when I transgress and I move on with the job. He’s coming back, and when He does, I do not want to be staring off into space.

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