2 May 13

So far I am off to a less-than-stellar start.

Physical resolution was a total fail today. Yard work and regular work, then off to Carmel Elementary school to sit in their gym with the air condition out, crowding from all the families there to see the kids perform, and some kind of weird smell that wouldn’t go away.

The best part of this was getting to see Bethany perform her dance with her class. *Proud Daddy alert* She performed without a single mistake. She really did a great job. I think she might have a career in some kind of dance where warring nations will stop in mid-strike to tune in, watch her move, then hug their former enemies and declare peace.

Work was good today. It was assembling product, and was very repetitive, but it always goes quickly, and I get a chance to catch up on some music I haven’t heard in a very long time (not that I really miss most of it, but there are a few good songs).

On the Spiritual resolution, I enjoyed reading today’s devotion, and it did make me think. I was also successful in wholeheartedly praying at every need as I became aware of it. And I love reading from the book of Psalms. I want to say that I realize this side of the resolutions is more important, and I do not want it to become a kind of checklist. That is not the intent of this at all. I’m really trying to improve my attitude towards others and towards God. I know He loves me and wants the best for me, but I have been struggling with showing that love to everyone around me, including family, friends and strangers.

I’ve always had a thing about crowds. They drive me crazy. Too many people traveling in too many directions, not paying attention to what is going on around them gets my edge out, and lays it bare. Add to that an overly warm and humid gym, sore feet in a standing room only crowd, and you can imagine where my irritability-o-mometer was set at this evening. I was not thinking very Christian thoughts much of the time. But I do not think anyone noticed besides my loving wife, she knows me too well to be fooled.

This aversion to large groups of people is nothing new, it goes back as far as I can remember. I still don’t handle it well, but better than in the past. I will be in prayer about my attitude towards this and extending the love that Jesus shows me daily to those around me.

On a side note, my friend Dale quoted the old cliché about making lemonade out of lemons the other day. I like lemons. I can eat them like a tangerine, or add them to a coke, use them to stuff a lemon pepper chicken, the list goes on. But I took the last five lemons in the house today and squeezed them into a gallon jug of water, added some splenda and gave it a try. Absolutely delicious, and so easy to make too. Lemons get a bad wrap. I’m just sayin’.

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