There have been times in my life when circumstances have been so bad, so deeply horrible, that I have wondered how I was going to make it out the other side. I wondered if it was even worth making it out the other side, since by my experience, horrible would return, probably even worse than before. During these times, I wondered if there even was a God. I determined that if there was, He must be uncaring or why else would He allow me to be suffering so badly.

Looking back on those times now, I can see that Abba God was not the author of those horrible times; I was. By my horrible choices, I orchestrated my own horrible times. God, being the gentleman that He is, gave me the double-edged gift of free will, thereby allowing me to decide my own path. Since my choice of paths took me in a different direction than the one God had in mind for me, is it any wonder that I continually found myself in unfamiliar and treacherous terrain? So how can I blame Him for where my choices led me into ambushes?

lalalala-300x210The thing about His unrelenting grace is that even when we run as far and as fast from Him as we can, He is always right behind us. That’s me back then, running away from Abba God as fast as I could, fingers in my ears and shouting at the top of my lungs (and those that have heard me do so, know I am pretty stinking loud when I choose to be) to try to drown out that still, quiet voice that is the Holy Spirit. Jesus is always right there, pursuing us, wanting us to choose Him and always ready to scoop us up into His arms the moment we get ourselves in too deep.

Just as his timing with Lazarus was perfect, turning what was a seemingly hopeless situation into a cause for rejoicing while proving the power of Jesus even over death, there is not a single situation that we put ourselves in that he cannot rescue us from and redeem in his Holy power. Need an example? How about twins born two months premature, sent home by the insurance company with parents that had to get them breathing again on their own several times each. Our own Thomas didymus girls. How about initially being given some experimental new drugs and sent home with the number to hospice because I was not supposed to live out the week? They said if I did, I wouldn’t last five years (that will be six years ago this coming 4th of July, btw).

No, you are correct; these are my experiences, not yours, so how do you go about recognizing the miracles He is performing in your lives? Well, first you have to acknowledge Him. If you want to ignore Him, well, He’s more patient that you or I could ever be, neh? After all, He has the time. But do you? Next, you have to turn to Him and accept Him. Praying the sinner’s prayer is a good way to do this, but you do have to mean it. Now, lest you misunderstand me, do not think that it will all be puppies and ice cream from there on out. This is the first step on a life long journey that will take you over rocks so sharp they will cut your feet to ribbons; across burning deserts where not even a camel or scorpions could survive; there will be mountains so high there is not enough oxygen to breathe. But through out all of this, there will be a peace inside that you will not understand (because the world will tell us it is foolishness), you will not only see the miraculous blessings of your past with new insight, but you will see miracles happen before your very eyes, and you will know Him.

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