I Saw

Although it’s been a long day, it has been packed with some pretty great moments.  Our oldest daughter finally got to have her belated birthday party tonight.  Unfortunately, it has been rescheduled several times due to bad weather so several of her friends were unable to make it.  However, those that did come made her night.  It’s pretty cool to see how she is growing into a beautiful young woman.  Before the party started, she and I had some time alone at the store.  It’s so different being able to have a conversation with her and hearing her viewpoints on the world.  She has a lot more wisdom at 15 than what I did.

Many times I sit back and watch my kids doing their every day activities.  It’s an amazing experience to see who God created them to be blossoming out of the baby that I was blessed with.  Every day leads them one step closer to being on their own, forging their way though life.  They will make decisions of their own, and will in turn experience both triumph and failure.  As I watch them, I am overwhelmed with pride that they are my children.  I am truly blessed.

Right along with them, today I was watching my husband.  I saw his gentle side while holding a friends toddler.  I saw his playful side while bantering with me, making each other laugh until it was almost embarrassing.  I saw his helpful side while getting the house ready for the party.  I saw his loving side while holding me in an embrace.  I saw many sides of the same man today, and each one of them I truly love.

Everything can change in a moment.  Too often I am so consumed with the busyness of my schedule to notice the beauty of the world right in front of me.  I pray that I continue to see the smiles of my children that happen when they don’t know I’m looking.  I pray that I continue to see the peace on my husbands face while he is having a quiet moment outside.  I pray that I never lose sight of what is truly valuable in this life.

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” – Psalm 126:3

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