I Just Called To Say I Love You

22 May 13

So many times we find ourselves praying to the Lord our God and asking for blessings and miracles and favor. We are told to ask, or we will not have.

 James 4:2

…You do not have because you do not ask God.

So it is okay to take your wants, needs and desires to Him. But if that is the only time you talk to Him, what do you think He makes of that? If my children were to do nothing but come to me with requests for ‘stuff’, or my permission to go off and do something with their friends, but they did not seek me out just to spend time together, I know I would be hurt and would come to believe that they only want me around to serve as an ATM or cab driver. I am guilty of having this attitude at times, and it takes a conscious effort to shake it off.

We need to be seeking to spend time just basking in His presence. This can and should include multiple methods. Prayer, of course, is essential. But put more thought and love into prayer and do more than ask for your desires. Include your thoughts, ask His advice and direction. Ask to truly see His works in your life for what they are.

Prayer can be accomplished in a myriad of forms, too. The altar should always be an open option. But the sanctuary is not the only place you can talk to God. I am so happy for the advent of blue tooth technology in automobiles. Otherwise I know that many casual observers would say to themselves, “Just look at that babbling fool in that truck. He seems to be having a very intense conversation with himself.” Without the widespread use of this technology, a field sobriety test and/or a breathalyzer would otherwise be in my future. Often.

I talk to Him a lot in my truck. I make observations on the beauty of many of His creations, and I speculate on what His purpose was in others. I lament the narrowness of my human vision while praising Him for seeing it all, from beginning to end. We discuss music, literature, movies and politics.

Meditation in the form of simply enjoying a breeze, watching the trees sway and the various small animals in the yard carouse and squabble is helpful also. He made it all, His hand is there in it, and He sits beside me enjoying the show.

Walking with Him on the narrow path to eternity means being in a relationship with Him. It means so much more than stopping the communications after relaying your wish list. It is challenging. It is a journey that will be filled with blood, sweat and tears if you are doing it right. But it will contain more joy, more satisfaction and more Love than any other path you could conceivably take. Don’t miss the chance to live relationally with the Living God.

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