Hidden Thoughts

Lord, I pray that you would search my innermost thoughts … the ones that I am unaware of until they creep up and take control.  I pray that you would reveal to me the motives that are not in line with your will and teach me how to release them to you.  I pray for your forgiveness for my selfish behavior that has been so prominent in my life and actions.  I am so aware of how unworthy I am.  I am not fit to touch your sandals, or even to be in the presence of such greatness and perfection.  I thank you for your enduring patience with me, and I do pray to grow in your image so I can bring the praise and glory to you that you deserve.  Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness.  Amen


Genesis 33 – Jacob & Esau had a reunion filled with forgiveness.  Jacob was changed by the meeting with God.  He pursues righteousness, but soon after his reconciliation with his brother, he backslides.  We are prone in our human selves to do the same thing.  Just as God wooed Jacob back, He woes us back to keep working in us to accomplish His perfect will in our lives.  When we continue to seek our Lord, we will be changed so drastically that our very identity is forever changed.

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