Growth Ahead

I love to hear stories about God’s hand at work.  It gives me a sense of reassurance that during my rough patches I can count on the same God that has been faithful to His people since the beginning of creation.

While being questioned after his arrest, Stephen recounted our ancestry as believers.  It’s almost as if he was identifying with the struggles that his forefathers had faced in their determination to serve God.  Ultimately, the final sentence for Stephen was to be stoned to death.  Even in the face of an agonizing death, he looked to God for strength and was able to stay focused on the mission to the very end.

I have no idea if I would have that type of resolve under those circumstances.  I hope I would.  But if I look at struggles that I face in my daily life and the fact that I still waiver in my focus at times, I see that there is a lot more growth ahead of me.  I am determined to continue to seek God to change who I am.  Recounting where He has taken me from gives me hope that I will ultimately reach where He is leading me.

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