Growing Stronger

In August 2014, my husband and I separated. Our marriage was full of pain and hurt, but we still loved each other. We were just unsure of how to rebuild our relationship. In my uncertainty of how to fix my marriage, I made the decision to separate from my husband because I was tired of being unhappy. My husband made the decision to move back to Clarksville while I remained in another state with our children. One weekend, when exchanging our children for the weekend, the kids brought a bulletin home from Grace Church of the Nazarene. I glanced through it and noticed one of their upcoming events was a one-day marriage seminar. At that point in our separation I felt that we both wanted to stay together, but we didn’t know how to rebuild our marriage. Attending the seminar and going over our wedding vows in detail helped to give us the tools to rebuild our marriage. The seminar gave us hope that we could make it and grow stronger in our marriage.

Married 11 Years

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