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Learning to correct past mistakes, and take ownership for the wrongs we commit are not easy tasks, especially when we are completely unaware that they need to be  accomplished. This is the situation we were facing in 2009 when we separated after a confession of infidelity. To make matters worse, we both felt completely alone and alienated from everyone that had been in our lives. It took weeks to even find therapists that could see us and wait for a scheduled appointment. Weeks that saw an increase in pain. It took months of soul-searching, therapy, journaling and prayer before we could even talk to each other on the phone. Meanwhile, our children suffered, and we spiraled into a tailspin of depression. At rock bottom, God met us and gave us the choice: lie there in the miry clay and give up, or bounce. Through his grace, mercy and forgiveness, we were lifted up and called into a new life where we learned to put each other first and to communicate openly and honestly. To take what had collapsed in the shifting sand, and rebuild it according to His instructions on the rock of Jesus Christ.

2 Cor 1


Since coming back together, we have taken the lessons that God taught us, and we have been teaching them to others who desperately need the same knowledge. No one should have to walk alone in any circumstances, let alone in the hopelessness of marital conflict, where the one person that we pledged to love above all others can seem like an enemy. We have resolved that where ever possible we will walk with those in need, and be there to bring comfort and love and to point the way to the healing that is only available through Jesus Christ.



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