A Shot in the Dark

August 10, 2012 – our marriage was coming to an end and had taken a dark path we had never thought possible. Headed for divorce, jail, split family relationships, along with an entire family already dealing with the devastating terminal diagnosis of our daughter. Now a husband with a gunshot wound and paralysis, and with myself banned from my own home.

A few days later a friend suggested I contact Cristy Thomas. After hours of her listening to my testimony, and her telling me what she had been through in her marriage, I was left feeling understood; my feelings were real and validated for the first time in many years. Cristy suggested I give my husband the number of her husband, Scott Thomas. Unsure my husband would respond, my daughter and I gave him Scott’s contact info and asked him to at least contact Scott for someone to talk with.

Here are his words:

As my world crashed around me, the name Scott, along with a phone number, had been passed to me. After hours alone feeling there was no way to fix the damage to the marriage, I made the call. Scott spent all night with me as I reexamined my life. He showed me the door and was adamant that with help, my life and marriage could be saved. Scott’s testimony reminded me that all things are possible with Christ, whom I had turned away from many years prior. Scott has a gift and will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.

“Remember this; whoever turns a sinner from the error of their ways, will save them from death and cover over multitude of sins” James 5:20

With Scott’s guidance and reminder that God still loved me, my heart opened, the spiral into the dark turned into visions of light and hope. The Word spoke to me in ways I had never given attention to previously. I also have to mention the other half of the dynamic duo, Cristy, who in her own right has a special gift. Her love of God shows through in her spirit, her prayer, and all she does.

The marriage enrichment seminar was not only intuitive and educational, but has brought peace, love and joy into our marriage. We are a resurrected couple; we would not be where we are today if the Lord had not placed these two in our lives. Praise be to Him for giving Scott and Cristy their amazing gift.

After 2 ½ years my husband has given his life to Jesus, he’s been saved, and he teaches a men’s Bible study class with love and dedication. Even with the daily devastation our family deals with, waiting for our precious daughter to leave this earth and walk through the gates of heaven, we are all happier and at peace more and more with each passing day. As of this year (2015) we will have been married 29 years.

I also have to mention Scott and Cristy have had a massive impact on our entire family. Their guidance gave us the tools to make changes so significant, that many friends and family have followed. Our son who adamantly denied belief in God and his ways has recently confessed he is now a believer…

What and Amazing God given gift!

Married 29 Years

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